Why Hire Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney?

Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney

If you are looking for a no win no fee personal injury lawyers in Sydney and greater surrounding regions, Kogarah Legal NSW is here to help. Our law firm, with its team of highly experienced and skilled personal injury lawyers, can help clients gain compensation for injuries caused due to accidents, at home, or outside and also for those injuries which were caused due to the negligence of another person, company, organization or government agency. We provide a vast range of legal services, which include claims related to car or motor vehicle accidents, personal injury insurance, medical negligence, or workplace accident claims. We will provide legal representation to individuals who have been injured and ensure that they get the compensation they deserve.

If you are a victim to personal injury and are suffering losses due to a car accident or due to medical negligence or if you have sustained an injury due to slip or fall on someone else’s property, we will help you understand what you are entitled under your personal injury claims under applicable law and help you get maximum compensation for your loses. In addition, if an insurance company is treating you unfairly, our experienced lawyers will act as a liaison between you and the insurance company and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve after an injury accident in Sydney. Our personal injury lawyers Sydney follow a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, which means that we will not charge any legal fees if we fail to win your case for compensation.

Generally, in case of an injury, the victim feels distressed and relies for support on their dear and near ones. Most of them often tend to seek the advice of their friends, family, and colleagues before they approach solicitors or law firms for legal advice.

Seeking the advice of family and friends can be comforting, but if you believe that your sufferings have been caused due to the negligence of any person, organization, or institution, seeking legal advice is highly recommended. Hiring an experienced lawyer after you have been injured will help provide you with legal coverage and also help you get your compensation faster.

The primary aim of The ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement introduced in 1994 was to help Australians access legal justice, which at that period of time was beyond the reach of many and could be obtained by those who could afford to pay for the services. Our no win no fee personal injury lawyers, Sydney believe that it is the right of every Australian to seek legal representation for their compensation, irrespective of their financial condition.

Types of Injury that Qualify For Compensation

One of the most common types of claims that lawyers encounter is a personal injury claim. When a person has suffered an injury or harm due to the carelessness or wrongful actions of others, the personal injury claims help the victim seek financial compensation for the losses that occurred. There are different situations where the injured can claim compensation. Seeking legal advice can help you to approach your case in the best possible way. Take a look at the type of personal injuries you can seek compensation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road accidents that involve motorcycles, cars, trucks, or bicycles are quite common today. Unfortunately, even the best drivers get involved in road accidents and can be seriously injured due to the carelessness of another driver. However, while nothing can be undone after the injury is caused, steps can be taken to compensate for your suffering caused due to the wrongful conduct of another person. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you can seek compensation. To claim the compensation, talk to a personal injury lawyer Sydney to know if your injury is eligible for compensation. Also, ensure that you seek a medical opinion regarding your injury to understand whether the injury will impact your daily routine or will it get worsen with time.

Medical Negligence

Injuries caused due to medical negligence is a serious issue. Every patient has the right to get the best medical treatment from his medical practitioner. So, if you are injured due to the lack of proper care and treatment, your physician, or due to his failure to act reasonably at times of emergency, you can seek compensation. Compensation due to medical negligence can be sought in situations such as-

  • Improper administration of anesthesia
  • Prescribing incorrect dosage or medications
  • The inability of diagnosing a medical condition
  • Performing medical procedures despite lack of qualification
  • Failure to communicate the procedure and risk of treatment to the patient

Slip and Fall Injuries in Public Places

Owners of schools, offices, supermarkets, or shopping malls are expected to take necessary precautions to ensure that the patrons stay safe on the premises. If you are involved in a slip and fall incident caused due to the negligence of the owner, you are eligible to make a personal injury claim and seek compensation. Slip and fall accidents can sometimes be quite serious, depending upon the situation. The injury can often leave you paralyzed or incapable of performing daily chores. In such circumstances, speaking to a personal injury lawyer, Sydney can enlighten you about the process you need to go about to make personal injury claims.

Workplace Accidents

All employees have the right to work in a safe environment where they can perform their routine tasks without the fear of getting injured. However, if you happen to encounter an accident and are injured at your workplace, you are entitled to get compensation depending on the seriousness of the injury. If you hold your employer responsible for your damages, you will have to prove that:

  • The duty that caused the injury was given to you by your employer
  • Your employer violated the duty
  • A link has to be established that proves that the injury was caused due to the breach of duty of care.

What does a personal injury compensation cover?

Most of the personal injury compensation can help you recover financial losses and improve your quality of life. However, to receive the compensation, you will have to provide evidence for the losses you have suffered as a result of the injuries. Generally, the compensation may cover:

  • Loss of income
  • Physical, mental and emotional suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Deprivation of life’s enjoyment in the present as well as in the future.